Stunts and Blunts















What up.  I got some pretty dope tapes for you today.  Sha dropped some nice lyrical gems as always.  It’s just that hard body lyrical New York flow that very few emcees seem to have these days.  Then we have Harlem’s Cash‘s absolutely bonkers tape.   I’m sure most of you are pretty unfamiliar with him considering I’ve only heard a couple of his joints, but this tape is nuts.  It has a new wave edge to it that I think sounds pretty sick.  Definitly listen to the preview links and give the dude a chance.  So break out your blunts, roll up your kush, and lets do this.






















Superstar Jay & Sha Stimuli Present: The Funeral


“Live Like I’m Dying”- Preview Link

“Pissing” ft Flash Da Biskit- Preview Link

“New Fuckin York”- Preview Link


Sha Back

Harlem Front






































Harlem Cash & The Government Present: On My Way To Harlemwood


“Modern Malcolm” ft Santogold- Preview Link

“Carmen San Diego” ft XV- Preview Link

“The Future”- Preview Link

“Ready To Farg” ft Uffie- Preview Link


Harlem Back