Here are a bunch of tapes that dropped today.  I like them all for different reasons.  This Black Element tape is just ridiculously dope.  I was trying to figure out what tracks to give you as preview links, and I just wanted to give them all to you.   Ruste Juxx is signed over at Duck Down Records, and this tape is the prelude to his album Indestructable which drops on 10/28.  Laws is a dude out of Florida on his Independent grind, like any good rapper.  I don’t know too much about him but Cinematic co-signed him so that’s good enough for me.  So break out your Kush, roll up your blunts, and let’s do this.

.Black Element Front





















Black Element- A Major Minority


“Quiet Nights” ft Jelani Preview Link

“Never Thought (Dreamin’)”- Preview Link

“Ride It Out”- Preview Link

“The Stickup Kid?!?!”- Preview Link

Black Element Back

Ruste Juxx Front









































Ruste Juxx- The Prelude


“Wipe Off Ya Smile” ft Blaze- Preview Link

“Vic Flair”- Preview Link

“Mastered The Style” ft Tek- Preview Link

Ruste Juxx Back

Laws Front









































DJ Eon & Laws Present- I Put A Gun In Raps Mouth And Pulled The Trigger


“My Life”- Preview Link

“Dope House” ft Mason Caine- Preview Link

“Take Em Out the Game”- Preview Link

Laws Back