So we got some ill hip-hop here.  The Clipse and Jon Hope have pretty different styles, but they are equally good.  Actually I’m way more of a Clipse fan, but Jon has only been around for a second.  Either way I co-sign The Clipse, and Statik co-signs Jon Hope, so if that isn’t good enough for you I really hope you enjoy that Soulja Boy  T-Pain cd you’re listening to right now.

The Clipse




















The Clipse & Play Cloths Present: Road To Till The Casket Drops


“Intro”- Preview Link

“Big Dreams”- Preview Link

“The Haters Wish”- Preview Link


Clipse back

Jon Hope Cover





































Statik Selektah & Jon Hope Present: The Audacity Mixtape


“New England” Preview Link

“No, No”- Preview Link

“H.O.P.E.”- Preview Link


Track List:

1. Audacity Entrance
2. Agreed
3. Real Talk
4. Da Bullshit (part 1)
5. Breathin’ feat. Taktix
6. Bluedevils feat. Termanalogy
7. The Monster
8. Devo Springsteen Speaks (G.O.O.D. Music)
9. The Game
10. Give Us Free
11. Million Bucks
12. Da Bullshit (part 2)
13. No No
14. H.O.P.E.
15. HipHopBack
16. New England
17. Showdown
18. Da Bullshit (part 3)
19. Lyrics
20. Audacity Exit
21. Telescopes feat. REKS and Lucky Dice (Bonus Track)
22. The Rap Life (Bonus Track)
23. Real Talk pt 2 (Bonus Track)
24. Alright (Bonus Track)
25. Destined to Shine feat. Torae and Sha Stimuli (Bonus Track)
+ iPod Video for “Breathin'” (Directed by Josue “Sway” Mendez)