I’m putting in work on these mixtapes these days.  I had to step my mixtape stories up on the site.  The funny thing is that I’ve heard doper mixtapes this year than albums.  Then again I like my mixtapes like a like my women, grimy and for promotional use only.  So we got shit from the boy Stat Quo and G. Malone.  I’m definitely co-signing Stat as he is dope, and needs to get a release date Statlanta.  Doesn’t he have like 300 songs with Dre under lock and key somewhere.  We need to liberate those motherfuckers.  The tape is nice so cop it.  G. Malone is pretty good to.  I don’t think he is crazy ill or anything, but I’m not mad at him for getting in the game like I am with a lot of other rappers cough*Ace Hood cough*.  Scope the preview links, and if you like what you hear cop it already.


Stat Quo



















Stat Quo- The South Got Somthin’ To Say


“Time 2 Get Paid”- Preview Link

“The Sun”- Preview Link

“Dear Summer Pt. 2”- Preview Link


Track List for The South Got Somthin’ To Say

Time 2 Get Paid (Produced by Lyrics)
J Newt Speaks 1
The Dirty
The Sun (Produced by Illtone)
What It Is
That’s Me
Fuck U
Im Sorry
Gutta Shit
J Newt Speaks 2
Act Up
Deez Nuts Skit
Go Ham (Produced by Ty Cutta)
Let The Beat Build Freestyle
Dear Summer Part 1
Dear Summer Part 2

G. Malone



















G. Malone- Fuck G. Malone


“Number One”- Preview Link

“Where Itz At” ft Lil Wayne & Cam’ron- Preview Link

“Welcome 2 The Mainstream”- Preview Link


Track List For Fuck G. Malone

1. The “I Aint Shit” Intro
2. ONE
3. Grown Man Anthem
4. Like Suge
5. House Niggaz feat. RioT
6. Bob Lieberman (Interlude)
7. Fuck G. Malone
8. Where Itz At feat. Lil Wayne & Cam’Ron
9. Fuckin’ Ya Girl feat. Red Cafe & Quiz
10. Haterz feat. Lil Wayne & BirdMan
11. 24/7/365 feat. Huey & Maino
12. Lonely At The Top
13. Welcome 2 the Mainstream