So 50 Cent is obviously doing something right because he is a constant victim of credit card fraud! Due to illicit use of his American Express card numbers, thieves have been able to ball it out with an assortment of expensive gear.

Interestingly enough, since 2007, his Amex card has been used in over five different cities. According to New York Daily News, “the root of Fitty’s problem may be someone who has access to his personal information, adds [a] source.”

However this time around, two men who were allegedly trying to buy flat-screen TVs, both worth about $1,000 each, were caught. One of the men called asking for a delivery, claiming he was out of the state. This request sparked a lot of questions then “Amex eventually got back to the electronics boutique to warn that the digits were indeed pilfered.” When the men called back to see why the TVs were not delivered, the owner of the store told them to come pick them up. When the men arrived to the store, they were promptly arrested.

50 Cent needs to be more careful. If his Amex is that accessible, then what else can happen?