Model Chick: Candy (Pics/Vid)

 |  June 10, 2011

This week we have the Candy, this Staten Island native was a pro in every sense of the word. It was a blast shooting with her because she was energetic and experienced, I couldnt ask for more. She has done various shoots and runway shows so she definitely knows what shes doing.

Scroll below for the pics we took and peep the interview/dance portion to see her shake her cakes, talk threesomes, being down to f*ck, partying and running Staten Island! (If the ad audio on the side gets in the way of the vid you can mute it!).



  • Intept

    wow shes bad

  • Moonito

    yeah she looks like she knows how to partyy I dont like the tan line on her pussy though

  • BigCrupZilla

    Why are the ass-ugliest girls put up as models on here?  My wife is waaaaaaayyy  hotter and we live in staten island

  • Smokin420live420

    Thick thighs, hell yeah.

  • Krupe

    girl lemme smack that sexy ass

  • LLP

    Nigga Shaddup

  • yahhhhhhhhhhh

    shutup no1 believes you lol

    on topic though candy is cute af

  • Waynemarshal

    when she talks it makes my heart jump out of my chest I think im in love

  • Marketingsupport2010

    These “models” should be the before pic in celulite ads
    And fellas these are young girls….it's only gonna get worse
    Ladies ,,,,find a man and lock him in and then keep the lights low