This week we have Jamie Polanco, she`s holding it down for NY and is a model and actress. After a few minutes of meeting her I realized she was a down to earth girl that was really easy to work with. You can also tell she has a little crazy streak in her but that’s always a good thing.

Peep the pics below and dont forget to watch the video to see her showcase her booty shaking skills (which I might add was on point!).



  • Duermo

    wow is it me or are the big booty spanish girls from the bronx?

  • Manny

    she is not a lessy my boy smashed her the first night

  • Smokin420live420

    She mad right.

  • Sum1

    Wow mr. Idk who the hell u r but u really need to get a life n stop making shit up.

  • 27

    @ Manny…get a life and stop making shit up bro. You bro did nothing…. lmao bc one thing i tell u about Jamie is that she is a big lesbian!

  • 27

    By the way James!!! U LOOK HOT!! PROPS!

  • Manny

    Jamie Hector said what up! lol

  • Yhunnoi23

    Wow seriously ppl r confusing me for someone else! Get a life dude.

  • bigtyty

    dam girl ur fine as hell

  • Jamiep

    Thank you 🙂

  • Jamiep

    Follow me on twitter @jami3lici0us

  • Kwembe

    jamie im following u! how the hell they make that booty pic look 3d

  • Jamiep

    lmao ok. n idk lol