Model Chick: Mz. Nani (Pics/Vid)

 |  March 12, 2011

This week we have Mz.Nani this 25 year old model is hailing from the Bronx, when I first saw her I thought she reminded me of Maliah Michel with a little mix of J Woww from Jersey shore but maybe I was just tripping that day.  She has done tons of music videos and modeling gigs but the best way to describe her style is Hip Hop X Suicide Girl.

Peep my shoot with her  below, talking about how much of a freak she is and of course her dancing. (If the ad audio on the side gets in the way you can mute it)








  • Joecina

    wow shes def hot as hell

  • Moguapage

    ayee ki ki kiiii nice

  • Smokin420live420

    Ya she smooth. I dont see the maliah michel similarity though

  • anonymous

    you guys need a new photographer whoever is taking these pictures sucks…the sets are always the same and the poses are always the same also..this chick is hot but in the wrong poses that fine ass looks like shit. step ur game up ihiphop

  • yahhh trick

    nani bad af

  • Mike_Stylezz_The_Blog_Wonder

    Yo anonymous I shoot them …son what you wantthe chicks to be doing flips and shit. Y you mad son you getting to see a hot chick and you complaining about sets.

  • Donovan

    yup she can get it Mike dont worry about that dude its always a hater in the bunch pics are fly

  • Smokin420live420

    LOL i know right. Yo, screw chicks bro I wanna see a made nice set.

  • Arisstar

    she look like maliah but not the face shape this girl got a rounder face

  • Beazy

    Yo she nice!!!!!

  • Linc0lnr

    damn she got a fat puddy

  • Salro18

    Really you call these girls beauty?

  • yahhh trick

    you like women that look like mary kate and ashley ol anorexic ass women fuck outta here

  • Linc0lnr

    I bet you thats some skinny white bitch with no ass hating

  • De142002

    can someone tell me why this chick got a all seeing eye tatted on her?

  • Presence54

    she bangin son! i'd like to see her all seeing eye!!

  • DarkmanW

    yo shes down with illuminati son

  • yahhh trick

    im sayin

  • shawty r3d

    yooo datlil thing rite dea bad

  • Bigman

    jesus christ how she look so tight so blod clattt