Model Chick: Paris Santana (Pics/Vid)

 |  November 12, 2010

Here is the Model Chick of the week Paris Santana. She is a hot mix of Puerto Rican, Jamaican, and Honduran. Paris claims the thing that makes her different from other models is her exotic look, along with a one of a kind Brooklyn swag mixed with a wild personality.

I must say  when I saw that Brooklyn tat on her hip I thought she was going to be on her diva sh*t.  She ended up doing the damn thing and being a pleasure to work with. Peep the pics I took, and the video below to see me chop it up with her about threesomes and her booty (singing for me was also a good look). Leave some love for Paris in the comments section and tell us what you think of her (If the ad audio on the side gets in the way  of the vid you can mute it!).








  • steeloking

    damn the baddest jamican chick i seen

  • Huze

    one word..oh yeahhh that shit is sexy



  • Sangsung

    damn how tall is she does legs is sexy as hell

  • Smokin420live420

    She has a unique looking face and the body is tight but, damn mike post some thick girls once or twice. all these boney chicks is makin me hungry

  • CEO

    LOL Mike you funny blogger photographer and doing interviews! OK! OK!

  • Mike_stylezz_the_blog_wonder

    Lol I gotta do the damn thing man! @Smokin420 dont worry we got some extra thick girls on deck for you too. Just check back soon!

  • yee


  • Jason Powers

    Mike , good work!
    she beautiful.

  • Jamzhiphop

    This is not classy at all!!! “Got into the game…” WOW…. this photo shoot looks like it is in someone's house? Is it even in a real studio??? This is not cute at all.. what's next porn? or are you trying to be on groupie status??

    Not a good at all.. I know TONS of models who do tasteful photo's, you need to look into something more classy!!

  • Canto

    whoa we need some chicks like this in austraila

  • Ricardomontelbahn

    hater alert…this isnt america next top models! shawty is young with a body why would she show it off

  • Ricardomontelbahn

    i mean why wouldnt she show it off it looks hot

  • Ricardomontelbahn

    dude shes not jamaican

  • Jamzhiphop

    No hating over here… trust that! I just find this shoot VERY bootleg! And ywe WE ALL KNOW IT'S NOT america's next top model! LOL it is sooooooooooo obvious it's NOT America's Next Top Model.

    It should be called… want to model sooo badly I'll do anything NEXT TOP TRASSY MODEL…

  • ParisSantana

    lmmfaooooooooo “next top trashy model” is your mother!! please learn how to spell before you try to talk sh*t! you're most likely one of those lames locked up in your house with nothing to do with your life but play video games. stop hating and congratulate. i'm so sorry you're life isn't going anywhere and your girl looks like something i've stepped on lmmfaoo. Thank you to everyone showing me love mmuuuuah and to the haters like jamzhiphop, get well soon.

  • iHipHop

    Get em!

  • Empiresfes

    i think jamz sounds like some bitter dude or girl that knows paris in real life…shorty good to go i fucks with it keep it comin

  • b_easy

    That's all this country is built on is hate so don't even sweat that ma. As long as you're comfortable within yourself, no one else matters. I like what I see.