Colombian former model and beauty queen Angie Sanclemente, who has been on the run from the law since March, The fugitive model was apprehended in a K-Lodges Hostel in the Argentine capital’s Palermo district after a two-month international manhunt, according to a police spokesman.

Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Sanclemente in March, on suspicion that she was running an international drug trafficking operation using what she called “beautiful, un-suspicious” models and beauty queens to transport cocaine from Argentina to Western Europe.

The brunette model is now blond, according to CNN, and was posing as a Mexican by the name of “Annie.”

Sanclemente announced via her lawyer in March that she was not submitting to the authorities because “a woman like her, of statuesque beauty, is afraid of being violated, attacked in prison, physically or sexually.”

The lawyer’s request to exempt the former beauty queen from jail was denied by an Argentine court, and Sanclemente is now being held in custody.

Sanclemente is said to have been seeing a Mexican drug lord known as “The Monster” but to have left him at the end of last year to form her own cocaine-smuggling gang.

Since then she had been heading a complex operation, where the women, who were told to look “nice, but not flashy,” would catch flights to various locations once every 24 hours carrying a load of the illegal drug.

Sanclemente’s drug syndicate was exposed when one of her 21-year-old “angels” was found carrying 55kg of cocaine in her suitcase at Buenos Aires airport. What a waste of beauty: