|  October 30, 2008

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Not quite sure if Weezy has been talking to Janet Jackson or what the deal is, but this dude is missing shows more than he is doing shows right now. There are going to be a lot of upset fans in North Carolina and in Atlantic City this weekend as Weezy has bowed out of both shows. People are insinuating that Weezy is almost becoming very Diva like in his demands when being booked for shows and if things are just ever so slightly out of place then he is not performing. See you can only stay on top for so long his Daddy needs to explain to him and when you are acting the fool like he appears to be, then there it is only a matter of time before people start getting bored and look for the next ‘fad’ rapper.
Hot 97 have also canceled their impending show which was to be headlined by 50 Cent and T Pain, the Check the Rhyme concert. The reasons for event being canceled are down to scheduling conflicts with the various artists that were expected to perform. However the recession is hitting people extremely hard and it is a possibility that ticket sales might not have been as good as once before

  • 408pimpins

    BOOO he sucks. shoulda stayed wit trina and have that pornstar sex