More to tell?

 |  November 15, 2006

By:Hot Gossip Gal

Obviously not to be outdone by Nas’s baby momma, Carrine ‘Superhead’ Stephans is coming out with yet another installment of her life of messing with A, B and C list rappers and celebrities. I am sure we are going to get a tell all of her recent relationship with Bobby Brown, who may not be the father of her second child after all, in there as well. Will she dish the dirt on Bill Maher in this one too? Anyone who didn’t get stung in the last one, you better be minding your P’s and your Q’s as by golly SHE IS BACK. And i heard there will be more booksbefore 2008. Just how many ‘trysts’ did this chick have??

  • Ms_Laydee_DonDiva

    Obviously this chick has no shame..I understand wanting to come clean but hell..she overdoing it