I’ll be the first to admit that my style game may be lacking, but since when is it cool to look like a child molester?  Hopefully Mos has some sort of explanation, or maybe he is at the point in his career where he is going to do whatever the fuck he wants.

Mos DefMos Def

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/reafer Rafekee

    mos def has always done whatever the fuck he wants.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Dean_Montana DeanW

    the jacket is str8

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/NestlySnipes Ric Scales

    That jacket does go hard. but my mann mos looks like a straight BUTTHOLE in that mask yo. lmao…cocaine is a helluvadrug..

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/DaRealP ReallyP

    I dont know whats creepier the mask or his crew Mos Def are definately with those two people