Word is spreading quickly that Mos’s estranged wife, Alana Wyatt-Smith, 29, has written a tell all book Breaking the Code of Silence, a memoir of her 2005 marriage to Mos Def which apparently happened three days after they met, as well as encounters with various professional athletes and celebs, including Kanye West.The former stripper, writes in her book:mos.jpgI don’t believe that his intent was to hurt me, I believe that he was trying to prove a point. But I had shared and cried with him many nights about my past (abusive) situation and I asked of him not to do that, because it brings back memories; so I found it to be more disrespectful, because he knew what I had been through. Although the two have not been together since 2006 they are not officially divorced.He won’t sign the papers,” she told The Toronto Star. “He told my lawyer if he can’t have me, nobody else will.Breaking the Code of Silence is in stores now.

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