Harbin Pharmaceutical Group has managed to cook up a storm of sorts on the internet. Recently, they managed to publish photographs of some parts of their office, which many are now recognizing as the World’s most expensive office. The controversy is centered on the fact that, in times when most people in China find it hard to go to the doctor, medicine making companies are spending the much needed cash, to build opulent architecture like this office.

The office was completed in 2004, and was constructed with 6 floors in all. The first 3 floors are working areas, which are relatively plain in design, and bear a more professional look, but it’s the later 3 floors that are grabbing the eye balls. From gold plated ceilings, to hand crafted crystal chandeliers, marble pillars, and copper artifacts, are aplenty to see in the passageways. The walls were earlier adorned with signature and rare varieties of art, but were later taken down owing to rising public ire. In some areas the sidewalls also feature single wood-block print designs, which are known to some of the most expensive possible artifacts. It was revealed that more than $15 million was spent on redecorating the office, when the rest of the Chinese population is finding it hard to purchase medicines or get medical consultancies, and the state has to spend millions on cost of medicines. Via: WSJ/ CRI English


  • Ea

    Oh….so the rich shitting all over the poor isnt just an american thing? I gotta get out more…

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/MKNYEC4KP747LOEOPVWP6NPX4E man

    I love this shit, the rich dont mind going to work, not only do their jobs pay excessively well, their offices look like that!