|  January 11, 2007











































Artist/Group Name: Motion Man

Masters of illusion/Clifton Santiago/Paul Kenneth/Ernie Drastic/Motion Stanfield


Reppin’: I was born in Hayward California I have lived all over the bay. I Represent the HAYSTACK…


Affiliation: I am an introvert. I usually do my own thang. Occasionally you’ll see me with the likes Of Kutmasta Kurt or Kool Keith. L.C., Fat Head, or Tytus Penn


Influences: God, My late Father Walter Ralph Laster (RIP POPS), NFL, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Nas, Big Bootys, I have a pretty big list this could turn into an album shout out.


Backstory: I heard Rappers delight and I was in the mirrors reciting the lyrics. I was hooked. My 1st label deal was with Stepsun records Bill Stepheny’s label. I got the deal through Sway and tech of wake up show fame who were representing me at the time. My next label deal was with an indie threshold records Kutmasta Kurt’s label which I reside on now. I had known Kurt for while so we recorded some things together and he decided he wanted to put me out as an artist. We’ve been rolling ever since.


Current project: My album out know is titled Pablitos Way. It was basically put together in the mold of a radio cassette tape that was made. When I would make tapes off the radio it would be all types of different sounding songs on the tape. I wanted to bring it back and have my album have that feel to it. I titled it Pablitos Way because that’s my name in Spanish Paul. When I was younger a lot of my friends moms would call me Pablo or Pablito when I came around there cribs so the name kinda stuck with me.


Purpose: Platinum? Of course. I also want stability and be able to put out records until I don’t want to anymore.


Is hip-hop really dead? It’s just over saturated now. I mean when I was coming up I had to really look hard for good hip hop records, now you gotta look even harder. Most stuff they play is just geared at blowing up. Then bye-bye tomorrow. A quick buck. Well see though its time for a change something’s gotta give.

Three wishes: I wish my man Tupac was still here. Every time I saw Pac he was real cool with me and always asked ‘Motion? When yo shit droppin?’ I wish the Djs who you was cool with and used to love your shit and would hang with you tuff before they got put on would Play your records now. Yea and I would love a Kayne West track, or Pharrell, or Dre.