|  January 18, 2009

Notorious BIG

A man was shot at a movie theater in Greensboro, North Carolina as he was there to watch the movie Notorious. Also in the house to watch the movie was Jamal Woodard who played the rapper in the critically acclaimed movie. Clive O’Conner was shot twice in his stomach as he waited to go in to watch the movie. It is unclear just how serious the injuries were.
Over 700 people were evacuated from the building and of course future screenings of the movie are now in jeopardy due to the unnecessary violence that went down. And yet more violence erupted in the Canarsie area of BK where an after party for Notorious (an unofficial one for the movie) saw four people stabbed. One of the victims is said to be in a critical condition. This is a damn shame y’all. Why couldn’t people just enjoy the memory of one of the greatest to ever do it and leave the gangsterism alone?

  • Carlito Bragonti33



    just think about it any movie for the movement had this out come to many i need a rep fuck shits still in this day man learn our past and move our future”really doe!!!”

  • Mike BeZi

    I don’t know why our people gotta act like some damn fools. its time to rise to the occasion and try to better ya selves and people.

  • kostco

    aight this is sad. i really need to know is it that serious to go out and ack like that man. on some real shit. its time to change. let all that unnecessary shit go. its time. its time. ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!