MTV’s 2010 Hottest MC’s List 1-7 (2010)

 |  October 24, 2010

Here is the remainder of the the MTV’s Hottest MC’s list.  Definitely called Em being #1Check out the bottom three artists.  These have a bunch of viral clips that aren’t working properly so shouts to Viacom for that.

#1 Eminem

#2 Jay-Z

#3 Kanye West

#4 Drake

#5 Rick Ross

#6 Nicki Minaj

#7 Lil Wayne

  • CLSKS99

    Hottest as in what? Popularity? Skill? Overall? Money?

  • Reeselong1505

    Jay-Z should be #1

  • Cool

    hottest for “2010” its about right if truth be told.

    Agree that Jay Z should have pipped em to no1, but em has been billboard number one for weeks. Can't remember how long Jay was up there.

    But noone else has really been hotter that any of these guys for real.

  • Free P

    fuck that list…CLSKS99 yeah in what?..Rickrozay should be #3 if about mic n rhymes

  • Carlito Bragonti

    Same ol boring ass rappers…….awesome