Birdman’s penchant to be everywhere and do everything has him heading into the world of novels. He enlisted the talents of authors Ashley and Jaquavis to release Murderville: the duo’s latest street fiction in stores starting today. The book is based on A’shai’s and Liberty’s, the main characters, tumultuous experiences as a children during Sierra Leone’s civil war to their struggles with the drug related crimes throughout North America. Baby’s impresario role on this project may make people roll their eyes. Anyway, check out this excerpt to see for yourself. The segment finds a young A’shai struggling to kill his first victim during the war. Meanwhile his strict father, a rebel warrior, is constantly demanding him to drop the man once and for all.

“A’shai’s mind urged him to pull the trigger, but his finger wouldn’t budge. The look in the man’s eyes was a reflection of his own emotions: in them A’shai saw fear. The sight of the grown man’s submission did not make A’shai feel powerful…instead he felt powerless because there was nothing he could do to save him. A’shai gripped the rifle even tighter and grit his teeth, trying to muster enough courage to do it. His adrenaline pumped furiously and despite the guilt growing on his conscience he knew he had to pull the trigger. His manhood depended on it. Once he made his first kill, he would be respected as a man and his childhood would be over.”

Credit: Google Books

I obviously haven’t read the book yet and I’m not up on Ashley and Jaquavis’s previous work. Ergo, I can’t judge or even provide a base for comparison. But who knows, the B-B-B-Birdman might be on to something. Cash Money Content also put out this NSFW trailer for the project. I won’t be held responsible if you get caught gawking at cheeks in your cubicle.

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