Nardwuar Running The Rap Game…

 |  March 25, 2011

Everyone’s favorite Canuck, Nardwuar, was down at SXSW last week to interview just about every artist. The other day we showed you his interview with Tyler The Creator, but since then a slew of other interviews including ones with Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T. and Lil B have come out. He presented each interviewee with some seriously obscure vinyl records pertaining to their lives that they never thought they’d see.  That’s besides the fact that he was weird as f*ck, making all these videos entertaining.

Curren$y said this was “the best interview ever.”  He drops a bombshell in this piece and says that he was in Malibu’s Most Wanted and Decisions with Lil Romeo.  He also revisits the fact that he has a foot phobia.  It sort of becomes gimmicky when he talks about how good the weed is in Austin without being questioned about it.

Big K.R.I.T. told Nardwuar, “you the homie…you can chill with me any time” after he handed him a Willie Hutch record.  I feel like he really meant that because he was caught off guard by how much Nardwuar knew about his upbringing.  The most interesting part of this interview was K.R.I.T. talking about being booed during his first New York performance.

Nardwuar cooked it up with Lil B, touching on everything from how the group The Pack AD had to change their name after B’s management approached them about it to how B wants to someday buy Myspace.  He admitted that Choppa from Making The Band inspired the cookin’ dance.  The highlight of interview was Based God throwing on an apron, rocking a spatula, and freestyling.