By: Rizoh

      Eyewitnesses are dishing that Nas could not remember the lyrics to his verse on “Success,” his latest collaborative track with Jay-Z, which appears on American Gangster. Jay brought Nas onstage during his recent performance at the Apollo Theater, but God’s Son choked on his own words. According to concertgoers, Hov then covered Nas by holding him down on ad libs.

      On the bright side, Nas eventually recovered during the rendition of their remarkable first collabo “Black Republican.”

  • O.J. Pimpson

    honestly who gives a shit

  • southsypher

    It isn’t like he lip synced at a awards show….and just walk around an talk for the last minute or so

  • thirdy

    a only a real nigg can do wat they do and i bet it was still hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  • DMXfan80

    oh no! so u mean to tell me rappers are human too?!?!?! whoda think it?…i mean come on…is this really even news worthy…cuz at the end of the day Nas is still NAS.

  • DenmarkV

    what’s wrong? can’t find any real news 2 report on? Come with something more substantial

  • loveme1

    did the show go on o I bet it did how funny I guess