By: Rizoh

      Al Sharpton’s jaw will probably hit the floor when he hears the title Nas picked for his next album. During a recent performance at New York’s Roseland Ballroom, Nas disclosed that his 10th album, due in December, will be titled Nigga. Nas previously chose that title for his last project, but decided to change it at the last minute.

      Nas performed a string of hits from his catalog at the NY show, including “One Love,” “Hip-Hop is Dead,” “Hate Me Now,” and “Eye for an Eye.” He wrapped up the show with “Made You Look,” during which he let off a subliminal diss at 50 Cent.

      On a related note, Nas’ Greatest Hits disc is due out on November 6th via Columbia Records. The NY legend plans to shoot a video for “Surviving the Times,” one of the newly recorded songs on the Greatest Hits compilation.

  • 725evergreen

    NAS is the greatest.

  • Mr_Gain_Green

    Sorry Nas but y u wanna go and fuck wit 50, R.I.P., u alrdy let cam wack ass so call murder u but it’s a rap now b

  • k.bran

    iam white how do i go to the store and ask for that…….lol

  • scoj

    k.bran simply say, hi can i buy the new nas album, the 10th one

  • Carlito Bragonti33


  • SwaggerEx

    Carlito you confused dude! Said Buss was whack cause he cant sell a mil. Nas aint sold a mil and he the greatest? Sound like a rida o me. Nas shit will be tyght regardless of the name!

  • Lahd

    I gotta agree with SwaggerEx. Carlito does sound confused. Nas is tight no doubt, but a little inconsistent with his material. I hope this one is str8. Gr8est hits sounds like a good deal though!

  • tion79

    For once and all lets be honest. 50 cent is not even a challenge for Nas. The only person that 50 could take in a battle is Soldja boy tell em. Wait till Lil Wayne gets ahold of 5o’s ass.

  • NoMad

    Just pure genius! I love it, NAS do yo thing! Fuck what people think do you! Go against the grain. Nas said hip hop is dead and it made people try harder to keep it going. So let’s see what happens when he put out that NIGGA!! LMAO!!!

  • loveme1

    Nas been doing his thing for years you cant compare a 50 to him he is a living legend period!!!!!!!!!!!