By: Rizoh

      Reports on his alleged addiction to sex made Ne-Yo so sick that he decided to write a song about it. The Def Jam crown Prince of R&B recently told Rolling Stone that “Addicted,” one of the songs on his forthcoming sophomore album Because of You, touches on the sex addiction rumor.

      “I thought it was something important enough to write a song about,” said Ne-Yo. “I just thought that it was funny that the first rumor out about me would be that I’m addicted to sex. So okay, let me touch on that.”

      While the platinum selling crooner claims he wasn’t bothered by the “rumors,” he was quick to note that his statements about sex were taken out of context by a journalist.

      “The writer just took a bunch of the things that I said and that what she got from it. ‘Okay Ne-Yo’s addicted to sex.’ When actually I’m not addicted to sex at all. I’m 24, I’m rich, I’m decently cute and I have a healthy sexual appetite, that’s all that is.”

      “The writer” in question is Laura Checkoway who covered the feature for VIBE in May 2006. In that particular spread, Ne-Yo was quoted as saying, “I have a slight sex addiction right now. I’m a little free with it…I’ll help myself instead of doing a groupie.”

      You may recall that Ne-Yo’s name returned to the rumor mill four months later when pictures of him engaging in sexual activities with a backup dancer turned up on the Internet. He eventually owned up to the pictures, claiming that someone broke into his sidekick and stole them.

      But, you know, pictures of a pop star getting head from a dancer could easily be taken out of context. 


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    Well Im addicted to sex and umm, I need Jesus. No foreal I have had money that didnt feel as good as sex!


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