Ne-Yo vs Rolling Stone’s Snooki Cover

Written by Sam

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 3:18 pm
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Actually completley co sign this rant.  One of the biggest music magazines basically just said Jersey Shore > music.  What they are really saying is no one buys magazines so we are desperate, but I won’t get into that.  Ne-Yo hit twitter to say:

  • Wow. Snooki is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Really? I quit. (Just kidding, but almost serious….) No disrespect to Snooki, I don’t know her, but damn Rolling Stone? REALLY? REALLY! I guess…..

    I feel a rant coming on, but at the sake of sounding like I’m complaining or even hating, Imma chill. I got y’all. New album on the way. I WILL get the respect I deserve in this business or I won’t be in this business. PERIOD. Have a #splendid day twit fam!! I gotta take this opportunity to thank those that recognize what I am regardless of what I do or don’t sell, what a blog hag says I am, etc. Fun is fun, mayhem is entertaining, but COME ON PEOPLE!! There’s gotta be some sort of balance somewhere! Man, GOD bless the biz….


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