Neako “None Of That”

 |  August 20, 2012




















After dropping “I Made It All” last week from his forthcoming debut album, Neako is back with the first leak from his upcoming mixtape, Ess Ess.  “None Of That” is a  hype track that shows Neako has no shortage of seriously ill self-produced music.

According to Neako, the upcoming mixtape Ess Ess differs from his debut album, These Are The TImes because “Ess Ess’ is the last few months of my life, you know going through new success and changes,” explains Neako.  “It’s different than my upcoming debut album, ‘These Are The Times’ because I feel like I’ve been recording that my whole life.”  He adds, “Sonically they’re both outstanding, but ‘Ess Ess’ conveys where I’ve been, and ‘T.A.T.T.’ represents where the future will take me.” 

These Are The Times will be released worldwide on November 27th, but Neako plans to drop Ess Ess in September to hold y’all over until then.

Neako “None Of That”