Nelly And Kelly Are 6 Years Too Late

 |  December 18, 2009

Remember when Nelly was in everyone`s top 5 favorite artist? Do you even remember Nelly? Well anyway Nelly and singer Kelly Rowland has teamed up again for the follow up to their 2002 hit “Dilemma”. The two went live on ustream the other night and previewed a new song they are working on titled “Dilemma” (Part 2). The song has a laid back, summer vibe to it. (Disclaimer: you may have to turn down your speakers before watching). My question is why wait so long after the boat has sailed? Can they recreate that success? You Decide

  • Kold_Breeze

    Nelly why wait so damn long for part two. You should have named the song something else. You might as well sign my label ABP ent, and let me and my niggas put in work for ya. Thats real.