Young Buck is dropping some new shit for all us internet heads. This track is over RZA’s “You Can’t Stop Me Now” sick instrumental. He’s obviously talking some shit to Curtis and his G-Unit co-horts, whose album Terminate On Site sold a very disappointing 100,000 units in his first week. It wouldn’t really be a big deal since the climate in the music industry is so whack right now, but 50 loves to talk soundscan numbers like it’s all that matters. To be perfectly honest I’m happy to see 50 fail. I haven’t supported his movement since he has been playing all the Robert Greene games (who he regularly meets with) . Basically he stopped being an artist, and turned into some sort of a rapper politician, and it’s really lame. He just seemed to concentrate on every aspect of his career except music, and while he’s been really successful and corporate America is on his dick it’s the music that ultimately maintains all that branding power. I don’t really know where I’m going with this besides to say I’m co-signing Buck to shit on the 50, simply because 50 dug his own grave.


“Soundscan”- Young Buck

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Young Buck

  • southsypher

    Yo buck it like this yo…………keep it coming