|  March 17, 2009


Ok so Gucci was released this past weekend from prison after serving just under six months for breaking the conditions of his parole and upon being released Gucci headed straight to the studio with Mya, click here to read but word on the street is these two are possibly a lil more closer than recording buddies. Gucci came out and performed at a show organized by Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 with D4L’s Shawty Lo keeping him company on stage, but the beauty keeping him company while partying the night away at Jermain Dupris Studio 72 was indeed R&B songstress Mya. Now we all know Miss Mya has a thing for rappers, but is this a couple we see weathering the test of time? I doubt it, but at least Gucci had someone to come home too.

  • j.cai

    damn! out of jail and straight to mya’s booty. gucci’s got game.

  • bbutton

    collabos on the mic and in bed. nice combo.

  • basti

    maybe they’re just using each other. out-of-jail gucci could be the best thing for mya’s career as of the mo, while gucci just wants pussy now after all the dicks in the cell.

  • kairosrain

    F**** this! it looks to me like he’s won the lottery. I hope Mya changes her mind soon. On the other side, Gucci should really clean up his act now that he’s out.