New Eve, New Album

 |  February 9, 2011


Last night, rapper Eve was spotted in NYC looking quite ravishing with those Ruby red lips at the Cinema Society screening of Vanishing on 7th Street. With this new and upgraded look, comes a new Eve. In an interview last month with Ink Magazine, she let everyone know that the “old Eve” will NOT be resurfacing. Ever.

“I hate it when people say, ‘The old Eve, the old Eve.’ No! I can’t pretend to be that girl anymore. If I did, people would see that and be like, Why is she trying to be that same person?”

“When I went to take label meetings and they would listen to the music, a lot of them would be like, ‘Yeah, that’s good, but what’s up with the Ruff Ryders sh*t?’ I’m like, ‘Yo, I was 21 then.’ It’s been years now. I’ve done a million different things. ‘Tambourine’ isn’t Ruff Ryders. The records I did with Gwen [Stefani] weren’t Ruff Ryders. I trust my audience enough to think they’ve grown, just like me.” She pauses, then amends her statement a bit: “I’m hoping for that, but we’ll see.”

I’ve always been an Eve fan, and I can totally understand and can relate to her wanting to move on and leave the adolescence behind. She is at a different point in her life. She’s a grown a** woman! I’ll be looking forward to the new music to see what she has to offer, and hey who knows, it might even be better than the “old Eve”!

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