• Wronguns

    Man, that was smooth!

  • VG

    I just love Black Milk. This is actually very good.

  • CREW

    Dismal seems to be something different from his old sound. He’s evolving.

  • unbrake

    So so so dope. Whole lotta dope!

  • noiz

    Curtis Cross and his grit beats. Dope!

  • MilkIt

    Black Milk is just very creative. I just love that he keeps on experimenting with his sound.

  • mobile

    True, allows for really nasty beats. Good for me.

  • shhheyt

    Damn, that was very moody.

  • question

    Can’t wait for this album.

  • wighair

    Great flow. Dope beats. Man, am loving Black Milk.