Busta and Kamaal have been talking about this track for a while now, and tonight we finally get the full version.

No actual verses from Wayne or Kanye here, as they both only provide ad-libs. This will appear on the sequel to Busta’s E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event), which is due out next year on Cash Money.

The track, which samples Alicia Mayer’s “I Wanna Thank You,” sounds more like a new Q-Tip single and it’s probably better off if we just pretend that’s the case.

  • Chuckie

    What did Wayne and Kanye do here? didn’t even drop a verse!

  • Moon

    this is good! Even without Kanye!

  • mockery

    QTIP!!! Rules!

  • Bird

    Sorry, this is very disappointing and putting both wayne and kanye on the feats even when they don’t do anything but talk… that’s deception!

  • Profile

    I hope Q-Tip drops an album and soon!