With less than a week to go until the release of Suffering From Success, Khaled has generous enough to leak a good portion of the album, which is akin to the dude that stands on the side of the highway dressed in a giant sandwich costume and hands out coupons for free Subway. However, this cut is actually good.

By now we more than know what we’re getting into with a Khaled single. The best case scenario of such track: A really hot beat from a big name producers which drowns out six of the seven featured rappers, with a decent, catchy hook and one solid verse from the best rapper on said track.

There’s only four rappers on the Lee On The Boards-produced “I’m Still,” but nobody f*cks it up (except for the half verse that Khaled attempts to spit). Ace Hood washes everyone on here, but what else is new?

What would Ace Hood’s career be like if he wasn’t typecast as always rapping on these type of records? Guess that’s a debate for another time.

Suffering From Success drops October 22.

  • hoodie

    You need to add Ace Hood to the title, because, he’s the best in this bunch

  • yuprack

    Ace should have his own album.

  • sili

    I think Wale was good too. AM not really a fan, but he’s dope here.

  • tired

    Ace Hood = #bodied.

  • Doc

    I think they’re all great here. Except for Khaled himself.