Gibbs & Madlib drop another smooth offering from their Deeper EP.

The duo’s Piñata album is now set for a February 4, 2014 release.

That’s a long time to wait, but we’ll take this for now.

  • slipshot

    I can’t believe just how good these two are together. The chemistry is there.

  • Wronguns

    I love this two. Ever since thuggin’ and now this.

  • Fasco

    I know right? I’d love for February 2014 to be tomorrow already!

  • betterrrr

    Beeettter! I definitely like this more than Deeper!

  • reassure

    Man, this is dope.

  • iron

    Is it just me or are they actually starting to sound like each other?

  • WestHere

    Actually, I was beginning to think of the same thing. Harold’s sounds like many of the older MadGibbs songs I’ve heard so far.

  • asss

    I still dig the stories from the streets. Freddie elevates that into an artform.

  • onomatopeia

    Can’t fault this song in any way. This is sick.

  • xation

    Hope they release another one soon. I have Deeper and then this on repeat.