Lupe is making the most of the rap’s publicity wars by dismantling popular beats and inserting himself into the conversation with symbolic lyrics about how weak the game is. It’s a good strategy: not too confrontational to be overblown but sly and referential enough to thrill those who get it. Be one of those. (Hilarious that he keeps naming these songs sequels to his earlier work when they have nothing to do with that at all.)

  • controversial

    Better than pound cake if you ask me.

  • basalin

    Sounds too much like bragging to me. Sorry.

  • twiters

    I love Lupe Fiasco but this one is just all wind.

  • Frizzy

    I think you are all misunderstanding what he’s trying to do here. He’s saying that you have to sacrifice a lot to be successful.

  • nailitdown

    Yes, he’s actually saying you can’t have a relationship and be always looking for time when you are trying to make it big.

  • great

    DOPE! I like it.

  • medicalcenter

    This sh#t is dope!

  • waistland

    I wonder what the shout out to Kanye West meant?

  • vitaminsb

    I think Lupe Fiasco is just piggybacking on the amount of press that Pound Cake and Nothing was the same has been getting of late.

  • benediktin

    Pretty aggressive. I like it!