New Music: Meek Mill — “Make Me”

 |  September 26, 2013

Meek liberates another cut from DC3 which is set to drop Sunday at 2 PM. Poor timing if you ask me, but then again timing hasn’t really been MMG’s strong suit as of late. 

A lot of people are sleeping on DC3 because Meek has had generated little to no buzz for the project outside of “Levels.” This one isn’t bad, but let’s just hope Meek is doing a lot more aggressive rapping than autotune singing on the project.

  • hashish


  • clear

    I think that he makes it with this track. Love this, and this is my favorite.

  • seriously

    No feats! He does this solo, and he nails it. Makes me wanna wish he does every thing solo.

  • taghast

    Three’s the charm for meek!

  • cadillac

    Just listened to the whole album. This is not the best in the bunch. There’s the Lil Stupe Skit.