Flocka gets some more frustration off his chest, putting Gucci’s name on wax on “Ice Cream,” which will appear on Flocka’s From Roaches To Rolex tape, dropping tomorrow.

“And when I met Gucci, thought I met a real n*gga/Until he crossed the line and he became a f*ck n*gga.”

Harsh words from Flockaveli.

Produced by 808 Mafia.

  • romaine

    Gucci deserved it after that Twitter rants he had.

  • ananya

    Waka really puts it out there. Love it when he disses Gucci’s codeine addiction!

  • beefy

    Well somebody’s got beef 🙂

  • gina

    Lol. I would have loved this song more if Gucci weren’t in jail!

  • hub

    Kicking Gucci when he’s in jail! Classy!