Bricksquad spreads its wings to the Left Coast where Compton rapper Young Hootie hooks up with former high school classmate Kendrick Lamar for “Two Presidents.” The end result is crazy, with Commander in Chief rhymes that will make you forget the YoungBloodz ever happened. Underrated part of Kendrick’s verse is when he says “cabinet full of Kool-Aid,” but it sounds more like “Kaepernick full of Kool-Aid.” So West Coast.

  • animalistic

    Kendrick is just sooo good here.

  • Kaydot

    You may hate Kendrick, but listening to this song, you can shut up now.

  • namechange

    YG Hoottie? Really?

  • gaya

    Kendrick is okay here. Not GREAT. Quit riding his d*ck.