New York New York

 |  August 21, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal

      A waitress in a Manhattan restaurant has blasted Flavor of Love reject New York for being racist and rude…why do I find that hard to believe? Turns out the waitress had complimented Tiffany on her show and her sense of humor then had gone to shake her hand BUT New York was having none of that..uh oh..New York told the gal she had a cold after she looked her up and down…but was later to be seen shaking hands with another waitress who was black…   Why was home girl surprised?

New York New York

 |  January 16, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
       So we had the beef between the Dips and Jay Z, now it takes another turn where LES rapper Tru Life has got involved and started a verbal attack on Jimmy and Cam as well as a pretty good photoshop one. His new mixtape hosted by J Love has the Dip Set in outfits that would warrant them a spot on Mr. Blackwells worst dressed list. However the Dips didn’t take this public humiliation with a pinch of salt. Tru Lifes myspace was hacked into and Dip Set promotion ran a mock all for a few hours. Is this getting a little out of control or is is just plain childish?

New York New York

 |  November 18, 2006
Flavor of Love star New York is hoping her reality show I love New York will air on VH1 before the end of the year. For the gal who hoped to ‘stand by her man’ ..Flavor Flav and yet who was beaten not just once but twice by Hoopz and Delishus, losing could never have been better. The ultimate diva had this to say "VH1 has not determined an exact air date yet because of time slot issues. It is expected that the show will release sometime in mid-December and latest, early January. TV experts have already been raving about the show, and its been predicted to be the most watched show in VH1’s history!" Let’s just hope that it really is the success that it has been hyped up to be as I would hate to see New York lose out for a third time.

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