New York Please Go Away

 |  October 9, 2007

Best Photoshop Work Ever?

      I mean I knew Trina was shedding pounds but on the real…just how many. Here is the Miami Madame looking more like a runway model than the stripper…ooops dancer she was. Looking good though but for real we all know what photoshop can do for cottage cheese thighs

New York Please Go Away

      Does anyone really have any love for this chick? I mean I can see why dudes like Deelishis even though i think her time is up too…but this chick and her reality show…who watches that? Please let me know if you do..I have a couple of questions for you. But anyhow here is her royal bitchiness at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Weekend Hoops event. Good to see Juelz out and about though, thought he had disappeared..well I guess getting out of his deal with Cam is keeping him busy.

  • ROC237

    thats cuz she got the monster its just that she doesn’t have magic johnson money to get rid of it

  • 3rdcoastborn


  • LordSha

    I watch that New York shit once in However her time is running out. That Trina picture is photoshoped because we all well and know that she’d be stepping on If not ROC237 right that hoe got that I guess Halloween come out

  • booUTF

    But all yall will fuck still

  • mqh

    i watch new york all da time but da season ova =( she havin anoutha show ihip hop yall niggaz needa stopp hattin