Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem!

 |  September 27, 2010

To a boxing match.  I dono, I’m kind of done with this “beef” if that’s even what you want to call it.  Especially after that fail of a diss song Nick Cannon dropped about a year after Eminem sent out the original diss song.  Is there a facebook page to set up by Nick Cannon to promote the challenge?  Of course.


  • Blackpawn4007

    he aint learn his lesson

  • miami brown

    Eminem battles cartoon rappers and I am supposed to think he is the greatest rapper alive? man, FUCK EM AND FUCK HIS FAGGOT ASS FANBASE. How the fuck you take Em seriously when he battling Nickelodeon Canon and Mariah Carey? Shit is embarrassing as fuck. Who next nigga, Willow Smith?

  • TheLL6

    em aint battlin anyone.

  • ralph

    oh please that fool put out like 3 songs about Mariah Carey… it's called “Convieneint Amnesisa”… very common among whites, women and men who cheat and Republicans. lol