|  May 1, 2009


Looks like one thing Mariah Carey wasn’t expecting last night as she celebrated her one year anniversary to her husband Nick Cannon was to burst into tears. The multi-platinum songstress was celebrating with hubby and friends at the Palms in Vegas when Nick played a video tribute to his wife which then resulted in her crying and trying to stop the lashings of mascara she wears from dribbling down her designer frock.
Who would have thought Nick Cannon would be such a sentimentalist. Those two are obviously well matched. But congrats, nice to see a marriage (although only a short one) still going strong.

  • Lord Devious

    OK thats it. Wow, you are a good enternainment news coloumnist becuase you get scoops real earlier but DAMN YOU ARE THE BIGGEST HATER? Reading you articles I just cant help but wonder why in the fuck are you always trying to slide in little subliminal “hate” messages in your writting. Anyone who has ever taken an English class can see you do this. You probably can’t wait to see these two break up. Are you a miserable mutha fucka or what (and I call you a mutha fucka not knowing if you are a guy or a girl from that pic)… Hip hop aint dead…it’s just misrepresented by bitche-ass-niggaz/etts.

  • Hip-Hop Journalist

    Hate on hater :-))))))

  • Lord Devious

    Oh yeah, I hope you get swine flu, too.

  • Hip-Hop Journalist

    lol funny ….Comedy Central need to come check out our readers, they are missing out on some serious talent

  • Lord Devious

    I love You get to talk shit and they don’t delete your account or nothin’. Fuck Yahoo.

  • Vetersi

    Well the PDA by Nick Cannon was a great gesture because there not too much I can think of which could make a Diva Lie Mariah Carey Cry, Rememeber that she had a long marrige to Arista Records Head Tommy Matolla, Or was that another record label, But yea the world richest music Exec im sure Put it on her so that she’d be immune to drama’s

  • adasmth

    ooowwwzzzz! don’t be such a pessimist. let’s keep our fingers crossed they’d stay together forever. ain’t that sweet?! 🙂