A few weeks ago some random (and homely might I add) chick named Keys made a video poppin` off at Nicki Minaj saying that her bubble gum, weird face making lyrics and Barbie swag was lame. Peep that video:

I didn’t care there are always going to be 1 hater out of 100 fans, it seems that Nicki did care though because 3 weeks later she releases this video addressing Keys and the rest of the haters. I dont know how I feel about this one, she is way too advanced in her career at this point to be even recognize small timers like this.

  • lord_devious

    She is dope 🙂

  • alonzoe

    she murda your ass

  • alonzoe

    drake is the only one gone help young money survive nicki minaj go hard or go home

  • Cool

    These people are celebrities and we all know that celebrities need to be loved. I aint mad at Nicki I think she's hot and doing her thing but home girl's (keys) got skills no doubt.