The Nicki Minaj Dallas 911 Call

 |  August 5, 2011

Obviously TMZ comes through with the 911 call.  My whole thing is this.  How awkward does it have to be to be that hotel guy.  He is just chilling at work, next thing he knows an international celebrity in getting into a physical dispute and what not.  Just seems like a sh*tty thing to have to deal with at work.

Sidebar: Not sure if this is related but Nicki made a reference to people remaining off her penis.

Dallas police have released the 911 tape from the Nicki Minaj hotel fight last month — in which you can hear a woman, referred to as “Nicki,” scream … “Look at what he did to my face!”

911 Call


  • Troy

    yay another tmz story, why not just say go to tmz for the go to tmz for the good stuff.