Nicki Minaj is the it girl right now, she knows it and even brags how all her features “make it on billboard”, and that she “makes a million from a mixtape” but in her recent interview with honey we get to see a more modest Minaj:
“People act like I have this really big buzz but I don’t really see it. To be honest, it’s not as big to me as people act like it is. I have to do so much work to promote – more work than other people because people expect me to lose. They think I’m one-dimensional a lot of times…I don’t think people see me as a musician, they see me more as a character and sometimes that is not a good thing. A lot of artists say they want my buzz but I don’t think that buzz is directly related to my music. I think once that album comes out, you guys will understand me as a musician”.

During the interview she also revealed that she wanted to release her album next year because she doesn’t think she has a big enough fan base yet. With 1 million twitter followers and a bunch of Barbie wannabes I think she may not have anything to worry about.