Nicki Minaj – The First Lady Of Lil Wayne’s Dirty Money Records

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Friday, December 14th, 2007 at 4:33 pm
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  • cold_as_ice

    middle fingers to the grown man from philly how calls his self a kid N.O. all day

  • Need I Say More

    WACK, Stick to looking good

  • art2

    bitch got fatt ass & pussy… toss da hoe this way she can suck my dick th@s all she gd 4 lol naw ill fuck

  • im that nigga wade

    we dont need another lil wayne

  • PaNaMa HoLLa

    yo how yall know Weezy didn’t bite here style?
    Ask ya self that question

    No HoTTa

  • queenb25

    I think she got it!!!!! This is a girl from the D yes Detroit!! And I have spent time in the NYC for a bit im in and out the city like its nothing and I must say she is really representing fo sho!!! She a boss chick keep doing you foreal!! Thats whats up I liked that flow it was hot just a lil preview of what you got to come. MIZZ GUCCI IS OUT!!!!!! D stand up everybody else sit down!!!!!!! except for NYC love NY like my second home….Detroit yes 50 bitches deep!

  • Blacker_den_Space

    shidd if i was round twista 24/7 id spit like him too… so she b round wayne so sho she gone spit like dat guy n she do got a phat munkey

  • jigga951

    she goin to alright she got weezy backin her

  • Presstime

    Do ur thing ma

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