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    lil wayne co. is yung money not dirty money dumb ass

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    Do ur thing ma

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    Bitch got a phat pussy!!!

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    she got a phat ass thats it….lol

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    I don’t this shorty is about anything. All she really good for is gettin fucked a couple times and then tossed to the homies.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Lahgick Prolifick

    that shiieeett was wack.. i hate glam chicks that try tah rap,gawd awfull.. looks wont sell records.. booo@this chick,wayne fuckin this broad?

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/shawnysham shawnyshamblez

    she is the future….hands down..shes HOT!

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/lilav2006 vsangel19

    yo shorty is really biting weezy style. she was wack doing it too. im sorry but only a few women rappers can be claimed as one of the greats. so far… in my opinion… a few of few has only been mc ltye (of course), remy ma, eve, and last but not least… foxy brown (my boogie bitch. gangsta boogie from the brooklyn boogie ya dig). nicky menageatroi (wateva her name is) needs to fall back cause her shit is trash. sorry to say but she’s jus a pretty face.

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    wayne on gillie dick and u on wayne dick so hop the fuck of philly BITCH!!!!!

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    shes dirty money young money dumbasses

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    she raw, niggas need to stop hatin’

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    yo she aight with the weezy swag but, damn!!!!!!

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    IM GAY

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    that was wack, wayne must had hit that then gave her a record deal, step ur rap game up

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/hondurianpoet garifuna_cutie

    honestly the way she flow has been done all ready. That’s what put weezy on the map. She is not gonna sell at all so i suggest she start layin on her back if she really want to start stackin bread. But a pretty face aint gonna get you far sweetie.

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    that bitch is wack if u are on an interview bust sum feestyle shit no no wrote shit maybe now wayne can kiss a grl instead of a grown ass man ya know

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    you aint trying to be like wayne that shit was hot but you need to check me out

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    Yea i fuks wit dat jaint

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    yo why is this chick tryin to rap like wayne come on now Remy can fry all of em

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    let me just say she is sexy and I will stick my dick inside her lol…n e wayz she did bite weezy hard…she might b pretty decent if she gets her own style

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    her pussy is 2 phat and her finger is long as hell

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    bitch weak as fuk..she takin weezy style and makin it look stupiid

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    lill wayne in a bitch form!!!da bitch is so wack sucking wayne dick wayne sucking gillie dick both of them bitches need to fall da fuck back clowns!!!!!!!!!!

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    im jus cin this n im tellin u bitch sit down grab a bottle of patron and take notes u can and will neva b the baddest bitch aight mama so let it be known that usa fake ass lame aight sit back and let weezy keep his throne cuz u aint nothin but a quick fuck
    duces all day put em up

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    she doo doo hot ass garbage

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    Her flow is wack but she is hot

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    dat bitch wack

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    Gal’ a bit cocky for a beginner, however her flow is aight, but she aint original, just a carbon copy…She got the attitude though. MODESTY, and HUMBLENESS is somthing to be admired when you “NEW” to the rap game

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    da only thing good about dis bitch is her pussy

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    dis bitch sound like wayne whack ass

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    she looks hot

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    the bitch is trash. who ever like her blow BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

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    fuck what all them other mufuckas talken bout u trying to sond like weezy so what i bet cant nail one of yall rap like her, and bet money wont nail one of u biches or niggas battle her, and gillie who? he a dick rider he tryin to diss wayne so he can get out ther cause he know he the best hands down and anybody got a problem im in the harbor 269 all day ya herdz

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    she nice…simple and plan…

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    She did sonud like wayne

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    yo who stole my pic for this bullsh!t…get @ me…fOtO Da Don>>P.s Glad u like !t for ur interview..www.myspace.com/wowpicsnyc

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    not feeln her, I don’t see her making it. May make a great porno star though!

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    she thick as hell LOL

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    your not foxy brown your not.this bitch is not only wack she is fake

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    bitch stick to stripping cause u aint no rapper

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    Yeah I feel you babe, I am the president and vice president of my record..only problem I havent sold a record since 01, so I havent gotten paid..howa bout you, sold any records yet…ya bad bitch..or just reppin the title ya bad bitch

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    few of the greatest to do it is lil kim, mc lyte queen latifah an foxy brown and eve that it period B

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    Lady of Rage should kill all these fake wack bitches!