Nina Sky Puts Label Head On Blast

 |  March 11, 2010

Nina Sky went to to twitter to put Bryan Leach President of Polo Grounds Entertainment on blast.  Put all his contact info out and everything.  He probably won’t get a lot of calls from Nina Sky supporters.  Mainly bum a$$ rappers looking for free money.  These girls have dropped some music that I like, but they are a perfect example of a group that it’s difficult for labels to make any money with.  At the end of the day this is a business, so why would a label put out a album they will just lose money on?  I know it’s tempting to blame the labels.  And in most cases they deserve it.  However, it’s really on their “fans” to show support.  Plus now one of the chicks is looking kind of like a dude.  Not a good look.  However if there is a demand for a product, trust me they’ll put it out.   Twitter posts obviously jacked from YN.