No One Cares…

 |  May 16, 2011

I fux with this guy DJ JS-1.  He just kind of makes that boom bap music that no one really cares about anymore.  However, I gotta give the guy credit for making music he likes even if it isn’t trendy.  Plus he had the balls to just call his album, No One Cares.

This is what hip-hop needs more of.  Trust me if anyone is guilty of getting caught up in the money and business of things it’s me.  That being said maybe we need to give more credit to the people who are entrenched in this culture for no other reason besides the fact they love it.  I think that is pretty commendable.  So shouts to DJ JS-1!  This is the first leak off the project which drops 6/21.

DJ JS-1 ft Lil’ Fame, Joell Ortiz, Freddie Foxxx “Reppin’ NY”



  • man

    JS1 been dope, u always see him doin trax with kool g rap. Gound Originals 2 is some of his finest work.