No-one Puts Kelly In a Corner

 |  May 30, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
       Yeah she may have played the background singer for a while but home girl Ms Kelly Rowland is mos def making sure she reps for her album which has had nearly as many release dates as Fabolous. Anyhow I think she looks pretty damn good on this months King. Way to go Kelly.

Usher Defending His Gal
      Turns out Usher is really playing dominant when it comes to his fiancee Tameka Foster, the chick who might just well be old enough to be his momma. He made calls to Tom Joyner telling the shock jock to keep Tameka’s name outta his mouth. I also heard that he hit up Wendy Williams which really doesn’t come as a surprise as Usher got in Wendy’s face on some red carpet a couple of years ago…or was it Wendy got in his face about Chilli lol.