Yeezy has had expensive taste! He set the bar years ago when he did a MTV-covered Sweet Sixteen party for a total cost of million dollars. And this was before the superstar global status he managed to obtain nowadays.

He definitely kept up his selective behavior when he refused to perform at the bar mitzvah for NBC Executive, Jeff Zucker’s son. Luckily for Zucker’s pockets, Drake agreed to perform for a quarter of Yeezy’s asking price.

However this past weekend, Kanye experienced a change of heart. Maybe it was the persuasion of his collaborator, Hov or possibly he felt uncharacteristically generous.  The two performed this past Saturday at the Carlton Hotel in New York for the daughter of one of Jay’s business associates, Leslie Taylor. Of course Ye had to be over the top with Black Swan themed ballerinas prancing around him during a performance of “Runaway.”

Ryan Leslie also was in attendance and he sang “Happy Birthday” to the lucky birthday girl.

Still one question is ringing my mind: What made this Sweet Sixteen different than that bar mitzvah? Must have been a big check, or maybe Ye was just doing a favor for his big bro, Jay-Z.

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  • family first

    Or maybe that was his friend > the woman whose daughter's party it was  has been the SVP of marketing at Roc-a-fella since 1996 and worked on Kanyes debut album Graduation, Sometimes it isn't about the money Sometimes it is about family and friendship.

  • iHipHop

    “Yeezy taught me”